IAO Peptide Reader

R build status License: GPL-3.0

This project started as a masters thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Installation and Running the App

If one wishes to install the package it can be done as shown below.

# install.packages("remotes")



During the implementation following assumptions were made:

Shiny App Sourcing Summary

The table found below states which file sources which within the app. The main files with function returning UI and server function are respectively, ui.R and server.R.

| File Name | Sourced Files | |---------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | ui.R | ui/main_panel_ui.Rui/sidebar_panel_ui.R | | server.R | server/input_settings.Rserver/plot_settings.Rserver/modals.R | | server/input_settings.R | server/data_preview.R | | server/modals.R | server/modals/*.R |

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