Man pages for tmatta/lsasim
Functions to Facilitate the Simulation of Large Scale Assessment Data

block_designAssignment of test items to blocks
booklet_designAssignment of item blocks to test booklets
booklet_sampleAssignment of test booklets to test takers
cor_genGeneration of random correlation matrix
irt_genSimulate item responses from an item response model
item_genGeneration of item parameters from uniform distributions
lsasimlsasim: A package for simulating large scale assessment data
pisa2012_math_blockPISA 2012 mathematics item - item block indicator matrix
pisa2012_math_bookletPISA 2012 mathematics item block - test booklet indicator...
pisa2012_math_itemItem parameter estimates for 2012 PISA mathematics assessment
pisa2012_q_cormatCorrelation matrix from the PISA 2012 background...
pisa2012_q_marginalMarginal proportions from the PISA 2012 background...
proportion_genGeneration of random cumulative proportions
questionnaire_genGeneration of ordinal and continuous variables
response_genGeneration of item response data using a rotated block design
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