Man pages for tmcd82070/evoab
Evidence of Absence (EoA)

agrestiCoullPhatAgresti-Coull adjustment to binomial proportion
avgPersistCompute average carcass persistence
bayesPhatBaysian estimation to binomial proportion using a conjugate...
calcGwithKcalcGwithK - Calculate eoa's g value
checkIsAutocorrelatedcheckIsAutocorrelated - Check whether MCMC chains are...
checkIsConvergedcheckConvergence - Check the convergence of a mcmc.list...
coef.eoacoef.eoa - Coefficient extractor for EoA models.
compVagueSdcompVagueSd - Compute sD's of vague priors
eoaeoa - Evidence of Absence model estimation.
estimateL.EoAestimateL.EoA - Estimate single-site EoA and Informed EoA...
getFleetGgetFleetG - Compute all-site (fleetwide) Evidence of Absence...
labels.eoalabels.eoa - Extract parameter labels from 'eoa' objects.
mixtureBetaCalculate parameters of a composite beta distribution arising...
plot.eoaPlot rate estimates from an 'eoa' model
plot.MestPlot M posterior distribution
print.eoaPrint a Evidence of Absence model
summary.eoasummary.eoa - summary method for EoA objects
update.eoaupdate.eoa - Update method for EoA objects
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