Man pages for tobiasziegler/openaustralia
OpenAustralia API Bindings for R

call_apiCall the API directly
get_api_keyGet the API key
get_commentsFetch comments left on OpenAustralia
get_debatesFetch Debates
get_divisionsFetch a list of electoral divisions
get_hansardFetch all Hansard
get_representativeFetch a particular member of the House of Representatives
get_representativesFetch a list of members of the House of Representatives
get_senatorFetch a particular Senator
get_senatorsFetch a list of Senators
pipePipe operator
set_api_keySet the API key
tibble_debates_by_dateConvert a list of debates returned from an API search by date...
tibble_membersConvert a list of members into a nested tibble
tibble_officeConvert a list of offices held by a member into a tibble, or...
tibble_subsConvert a list of sub-debates into a tibble.
tidy_debates_by_dateProcess nested list data of debates returned from an API...
tidy_divisionsProcess list data of divisions and return a tidy tibble
tidy_membersProcess nested list data of members and return a tidy nested...
type_convert_membersConvert the column types for a tibble of members from strings...
type_convert_officesConvert the column types for a tibble of offices from strings...
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