Man pages for tomasgreif/dplyrOracle
Connect R to Oracle using dplyr

build_queryBuild query
copy_envCopy Environment
copy_toCopy to oracle
db_drop_tablesDrop multiple tables in Oracle database
dplyrOracledplyrOracle: plyr for Oracle
lahmanCache and retrieve an 'src_oracle' of the Lahman baseball...
overSet of internal over functions
sql_translatorSet of SQL Translator functtions
sql_variantSQL Variant
sql_vector_overSQL Vector Over Collapse arguments in such way it can be used...
src_oracleConnect to oracle.
tblsCreate tables in global environment
union_allUnion all operator
union_all.tbl_oracleUnion all operator for Oracle
win_cumulativeWin cumulative Oracle I had to create a copy of...
win_rankWin Rank I had to create a copy of win_cumulative in order to...
win_recycledWin recycled Oracle I had to create a copy of win_cumulative...
win_single_argwin single arg
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