Man pages for tomasgreif/woe
Tools to calculate Weight of Evidence (WoE) and Information Value.

german_dataGerman credit data
iv.binning.simpleSimple binning of numeric variable
iv.gen.dataCreate bigger dataset by replicating german data dataset
iv.multCalculate Information Value for defined columns in data frame
iv.numCalculate Information Value for numeric (double/integer)...
iv.parse.rpart.ruleParse rpart rules for one predictor
iv.plot.summaryPlot summay information values for variables
iv.plot.woePlot WoE patterns for variables
iv.readgdRead German Credit dataset
iv.replace.woeReplace raw variables with Weight of Evidence
iv.strCalculate Information Value for character or factor columns
varlistSubset variables in data frame
woeWeight of Evidence and Information Value in Credit Scoring
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