Man pages for tomhull/airsea
Tools for air/sea gas exchange

bubbleSatEquilibrium bubble supersaturation
convert_u10Correct wind speed to 10m height
CsatEquilibrium Oxygen saturation concentration
dragCoefDrag Coefficient
GasSolubilityGas solubility (Henry's law air-water partioning...
kaair side gas transfer velocity
kwwater side gas transfer velocity
n_0Pure water viscosity
n_airAir viscosity
n_swSeawater viscosity
O2NCP.meanNet community production (NCP) from O2
O2NCP.transformtransform data to O2NCP format
p_airAir density
p_swSeawater density
SchSchmidt number
sw_cmfMass fractions of seawater
v_airAir dynamic viscosity
Vbmolar volume
v_swSeawater dynamic viscosity
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