Man pages for tonedivad/FIEmspro
Flow Injection Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Processing: \\ data processing, classification modelling and variable selection in metabolite fingerprinting

abr1abr1 dataset
accestClassification Wrapper Using Customised Classifiers
dat.selGenerate Pairwise Data Set Based on Class Labels
dat.sel1Generate Data Set List
feat.rank.reWrapper for Resampling Based Feature Ranking
fiems_lct_mainLCT Mass Binning
fiems_ltq_mainLTQ Mass Binning
fs.mrpvalSignificance of Feature Ranking
fs.summaryFeature Ranking Resampling Summary
fs.techniquesImplementation of Feature Ranking Techniques
ftrank.aggAggregation of resampling based feature ranking results
grpplotScatter Plot by Group
hca.nldaHierarchical Clustering for Class 'nlda'
koptimpImputation of Low Values
mc.aggAggregation of classification results
mc.comp.1Multiple Classifier Predictions Comparison
mc.meas.iterSummary of a predictor in mc.agg object
mc.rocGenerate ROC curves from several classifiers
mc.summarySummary of multiple classifiers objects
multibcMultiple Metabolomics Fingerprint Baseline Correction
nldaLinear Discriminant Analysis for High Dimensional Problems
onebcMetabolomics Fingerprint Baseline Correction
outl.detDetection and Display Outliers
parse_freqOutput Variable Frequencies in Nested Lists
parse_vecAggregation of Vectors in Nested Lists
plot.accestPlot Method for Class 'accest' multiple ROC curves
plot.nldaPlot Method for Class 'nlda'
predict.nldaClassify Multivariate Observations by 'nlda'
preprocData Tranformation Wrapper
summ.ftrankSummarise multiple resampling based feature ranking outputs
ticstatsCompute and Display Total Ion Count (TIC) statistics
tidy.ftrankTidy up multiple resampling based ranking results.
trainindGeneration of Training Samples Indices
trainind.cvConstrained Generation of Training Samples Indices
valiparsGenerate Control Parameters For Validation / Resampling
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