Man pages for topepo/modelgenerics
Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting

augmentAugment data with information from an object
calculateCalculate statistics.
coercion-factorFactor coercion
coercion-time-differenceTime difference coercion
compileConfigure an object
componentsExtract components
equationModel equations
estfunExtracting the estimating functions of a fitted model.
evaluateEvaluate an object.
explainExplain details of an object
fitEstimate model parameters.
fit_xyEstimate model parameters.
generateGenerate values based on inputs
generics-packagegenerics: common S3 generics
glanceGlance at an object
hypothesizeConstruct hypotheses.
interpolateInterpolate missing values
learnEstimate model parameters.
prunePrune or reduce an object
refitRefitting models
setopsSet operations
specifySpecify variables or other quantities.
tidyTurn an object into a tidy tibble
trainEstimate model parameters.
var_impCalculation of variable importance
varying_argsFind any arguments that are not fully specified.
visualizeVisualize a data set or object.
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