Man pages for topepo/recipes
Preprocessing Tools to Create Design Matrices

add_roleManually Add Roles
add_stepAdd a New Operation to the Current Recipe
bakeApply a Trained Data Recipe
biomassBiomass Data
check_colsCheck if all Columns are Present
check_missingCheck for Missing Values
check_rangeCheck Range Consistency
check_typeQuantitatively check on variables
coversRaw Cover Type Data
credit_dataCredit Data
detect_stepDetect if a particular step or check is used in a recipe
discretizeDiscretize Numeric Variables
fixedHelper Functions for Profile Data Sets
formula.recipeCreate a Formula from a Prepared Recipe
fully_trainedCheck to see if a recipe is trained/prepared
has_roleRole Selection
juiceExtract Finalized Training Set
names0Naming Tools
okcOkCupid Data
prepTrain a Data Recipe
prepperWrapper function for preparing recipes within resampling
print.recipePrint a Recipe
rand_idMake a random identification field for steps
recipeCreate a Recipe for Preprocessing Data
recipesrecipes: A package for computing and preprocessing design...
recipes-internalInternal Functions
recipes_pkg_checkUpdate packages
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
selectionsMethods for Select Variables in Step Functions
SmithsonianSmithsonian Museums
step'step' sets the class of the 'step' and 'check' is for...
step_bagimputeImputation via Bagged Trees
step_bin2factorCreate a Factors from A Dummy Variable
step_BoxCoxBox-Cox Transformation for Non-Negative Data
step_bsB-Spline Basis Functions
step_centerCentering Numeric Data
step_classdistDistances to Class Centroids
step_corrHigh Correlation Filter
step_countCreate Counts of Patterns using Regular Expressions
step_dateDate Feature Generator
step_depthData Depths
step_discretizeDiscretize Numeric Variables
step_downsampleDown-Sample a Data Set Based on a Factor Variable
step_dummyDummy Variables Creation
step_factor2stringConvert Factors to Strings
step_geodistDistance between two locations
step_holidayHoliday Feature Generator
step_hyperbolicHyperbolic Transformations
step_icaICA Signal Extraction
step_integerConvert values to predefined integers
step_interactCreate Interaction Variables
step_interceptAdd intercept (or constant) column
step_inverseInverse Transformation
step_invlogitInverse Logit Transformation
step_isomapIsomap Embedding
step_knnimputeImputation via K-Nearest Neighbors
step_kpcaKernel PCA Signal Extraction
step_lagCreate a lagged predictor
step_lincombLinear Combination Filter
step_logLogarithmic Transformation
step_logitLogit Transformation
step_lowerimputeImpute Numeric Data Below the Threshold of Measurement
step_meanimputeImpute Numeric Data Using the Mean
step_medianimputeImpute Numeric Data Using the Median
step_modeimputeImpute Nominal Data Using the Most Common Value
step_naomitRemove observations with missing values
step_nnmfNNMF Signal Extraction
step_novelSimple Value Assignments for Novel Factor Levels
step_nsNature Spline Basis Functions
step_num2factorConvert Numbers to Factors
step_nzvNear-Zero Variance Filter
step_ordinalscoreConvert Ordinal Factors to Numeric Scores
step_otherCollapse Some Categorical Levels
step_pcaPCA Signal Extraction
step_plsPartial Least Squares Feature Extraction
step_polyOrthogonal Polynomial Basis Functions
step_profileCreate a Profiling Version of a Data Set
step_rangeScaling Numeric Data to a Specific Range
step_ratioRatio Variable Creation
step_regexCreate Dummy Variables using Regular Expressions
step_reluApply (Smoothed) Rectified Linear Transformation
step_rmGeneral Variable Filter
step_rollimputeImpute Numeric Data Using a Rolling Window Statistic
step_scaleScaling Numeric Data
step_shuffleShuffle Variables
step_spatialsignSpatial Sign Preprocessing
step_sqrtSquare Root Transformation
step_string2factorConvert Strings to Factors
step_unorderConvert Ordered Factors to Unordered Factors
step_upsampleUp-Sample a Data Set Based on a Factor Variable
step_windowMoving Window Functions
step_YeoJohnsonYeo-Johnson Transformation
step_zvZero Variance Filter
summary.recipeSummarize a Recipe
terms_selectSelect Terms in a Step Function.
tidy.recipeTidy the Result of a Recipe
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