Man pages for torfason/zulutils
Miscellaneous utility functions that the author found useful

bgrepBoolean grep function
get_drake_target_sizeReturn the size of a drake target
get_drake_target_sizesReturn the size of all targets in a drake plan
get_labels_enframedGet all the variable labels of a labelled tibble in an...
gg_apply_labsApply a string function to each label present in the plot...
helloHello, World!
lookup_enframedLookup values from a two-column tibble
lpadLeft pad string with whitespace or other characters
moveMove column or selection of columns
mutate_condMutate only rows of data.frame/tibble that satisfy condition
na.replaceReplace missing values
noopReturn a single argument unchanged
rename_enframedRename tibble columns according to values in another tibble.
rpadRight pad string with whitespace or other characters
zampleSample from a vector or data.frame in a safe way
zeqGenerate sequence in a safe way
zglmRun a glm model in a pipe (see 'zlm')
zingleReturn the single (unique) value found in a vector
zlmRun an lm model in a pipe
zlogitRun a logit model in a pipe (see 'zlm')
zprintPrint the result of a function in a pipe but return original...
zprobitRun a probit model in a pipe (see 'zlm')
zulutilszulutils: Some functions that the author found useful
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