Man pages for tpall/boulder
Import Data From Estonian Health Statistics And Health Research Database

dl_tai_tableDownload TAI data table
extract_icdExtract ICD10 string. Extracts ICD10 string and expands range...
get_available_databasesList of available databases at TAI, wrapper around tai_api
get_nodesGet database nodes
get_tablesGet database node ids or table metadata
icd_intersectEvaluates whether intersect between two vectors with ICD10...
icd_sumsTries to identify nested ICD10 codes.
json_to_dfConvert json to data_frame. Extract data from json file...
list_variablesList available variables
print.tai_apiPrint TAI API object
recode_varsRecode downloaded variables
tai_apiInteract with TAI API.
unescape_htmlFix html character encoding
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