Man pages for tpemartin/rmd2drake
Turn R Markdown into a drake plan and make it

clip_planWrapperSend a drake plan wrapper to clipboard to paste
convert2drakeplanAndMakeConvert 2 drake plan script and make
convertWebRmd2drakeplanAndMakeConvert webRmd 2 drake plan script and make
create_planRmdCreate source_plan function source file under planPath
create_source_plansource_plan <- create_source_plan()
generate_drakeRmdFromActiveRmdGenerate drake Rmd from active Rmd (for bookdown writing)
generateGrandplanScriptFromActiveRmdGenerate grandplan_XXX.R from active Rmd main plan
get_chunksTableGet chunk labels start end position in Rmdlines
get_listCodeChunksFromRmdlinesGet a list of code chunks from Rmdlines
grapes-slash-slash-grapesSubstitute file.path
helloHello, World!
list_makesList makes (future) in your global environment
list_plan_filesList all files under plans folder
list_plansList available plans in your global environment
mkActiveRmd_planmake active Rmd's "(grand)plan_activeRmdName"
mk_currentActiveGrandPlanmake function for current active grandplan
produceRmdFromActiveRscriptGenerate drake plan Rmd from active drake plan R script
purlActiveMainRmd_thenPlanMakePurl Activive Main Plan Rmd, with its subplan Rmds to a...
purlActiveRmd_thenPlanMakePurl active Rmd into a drake plan R script, named...
purl_drakePlanPurl Rmd to a drake plan R script
rootadjustPathEnsure the path is absolute.
rs_addin_cleanClean target at cursor
set_gitignoreSetup .gitignore to fit R users, also purge those...
visActiveRmd_planvisualize active Rmd's "(grand)plan_activeRmdName"
vis_currentActiveMainPlanVisualize the current active grand plan
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