Man pages for tpepler/cpc
Common principal component (CPC) analysis and applications

alpha.crossvalidCrossvalidation method to estimate shrinkage intensity
alpha.schaferSch\"afer and Strimmer method to estimate shrinkage intensity
BCRBootstrap confidence regions (BCR) method
betasimSimulate common eigenvector matrices
biplot.choiceBiplot choice tool
biplot.measuresBiplot quality measures
BootTestBootstrap hypothesis test (BootTest) method
bootveccorCalculate bootstrap vector correlations
B.partialEigenvector matrices under partial CPC model
BVDBootstrap vector correlation distribution (BVD) method
cpc-packageCommon principal component (CPC) analysis and applications
cpcq.testLikelihood ratio test of partial common principal components...
cpc.testLikelihood ratio test of common principal components in the...
discriminant.qdaDiscriminant analysis under various assumed covariance matrix...
eigvecInternal function of the FG algorithm.
ensemble.testEnsemble test for the identification of common eigenvectors
equal.testLikelihood ratio test of equality of several covariance...
FGFlury-Gautschi (FG) algorithm
findcpcFind common principal components
flury.AICAIC statistics for Flury's hierarchy
flury.phiFlury's phi measure
flury.testFlury's tests for common covariance structures
frobenius(Modified) Frobenius matrix norm
G.algorithmG algorithm
nonnormaldata.simSimulate multivariate non-normal data
offdiag.vecOff-diagonal element stacking
pls.estPartial least squares (PLS) algorithm
prop.testLikelihood ratio test of proportionality of several...
rotationmat.maxcorMaximum correlation rotation matrix
RVCRandom vector correlations (RVC) method
stepwisecpcStepwise common principal components (CPC)
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