Man pages for trackerproject/trackeRapp
Interface for the Analysis of Running and Cycling Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices

calculate_plot_heightCalculate plot height for either time in zones or work...
change_object_unitsChange units of variables.
choicesGenerate choices for plots
classify_sessions_by_sportClassify sessions by sport using the KNN model and...
convert_to_nameConvert name
create_iconGenerate an icon for a given feature.
create_mapInsert map
create_option_boxCreate a return button from selected workouts plot
create_profiles_boxCreate concentration profile plot UI.
create_selected_workout_plotCreate selected_workouts plot
create_summary_boxesInsert summary boxes
create_summary_timeline_boxesCreate a summary and timeline boxes
create_work_capacity_plotCreate work capacity plot
create_workout_plotsCreate workout plots
create_zones_boxCreate time in zones plot UI.
download_handlerDownload handler
generate_objectsClassify sessions by sport, process dataset, generate...
generate_selected_sessions_objectGenerate an object with selected sessions
get_javascriptGet Javascript code for reseting page and collapsing boxes
get_selected_unitsGet units of measurement for a given feature
lab_sumGenerate a character of formatted units, either only the unit...
metricsGenerate metrics to test if they have data
plot_concentration_profilesPlot concentration profiles for given variables.
plot_mapPlot all selected workouts on an interactive leaflet map.
plot_selectedWorkoutsPlot the profile for each selected session for a given...
plot_timelineA timeline plot for workouts.
plot_work_capacities#' Calculate plot height for work capacity...
plot_work_capacityPlot the work capacity W' (w prime).
plot_workoutsPlot an object of class trackeRdataSummary.
plot_zonesPlot training zones.
process_datasetProcess 'trackeRdata' object by: setting thresholds to remove...
render_summary_boxRender data in summary box
render_summary_tableRender summary table
show_change_unit_windowGenerate a modal window where user can chage units of...
show_warning_no_data_selectedShow a modal window to inform a user that no data was...
show_warning_windowShow warning window when no data uploaded
test_work_capacityTest whether we can plot work capacity for at least one of...
trackeRapptrackeRapp: Interface for the analysis of running and cycling...
update_metrics_to_plot_selected_workoutsUpdate metrics to plot for Work capacity and time in zones
update_metrics_to_plot_workoutsUpdate panel with metrics to plot
update_sport_selectionUpdate selection of sports
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