Man pages for traitecoevo/stateliner

apply_overApplies a function over chains
density_plotDensity distributions of specified parameters.
drop_columnsDrop specified columns from chains
gather_samplesGather columns into key-value pairs.
install_scriptsInstall script
is.stackCheck if object is a data.frame or a list of data.frames
load_chainLoad a single stateline output file
load_chainsLoad a collection of stateline output files
merge_chainsCreate single unified data.frame from a list of data.frames
remove_warmupRemove samples from defined warmup period
statelinerStateline R interface
stateline_sample_namesCreate vector of sample names from stateline output
stateline_serverStart a stateline server
stateline_themeDefault theme used in plotting stateline objects
summarise_samplesStatistical summary of distributions
thin_chainsThin chains down to specified number of samples
trace_plotTrace plot of specified parameters against iteration number.
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