Man pages for triepels/cgraph
Computational Graphs

abs_gradAbsolute Value Gradient
acos_gradInverse Cosine Gradient
acosh_gradInverse Hyperbolic Cosine Gradient
add_grad_xAdd Gradient
add_grad_yAdd Gradient
approx_gradApproximate Gradients
as_double_gradCoerce to a Numeric Vector Gradient
asin_gradInverse Sine Gradient
asinh_gradInverse Hyperbolic Sine Gradient
atan_gradInverse Tangent Gradient
atanh_gradInverse Hyperbolic Tangent Gradient
bsumBlock Summation
cg_absAbsolute Value
cg_acosInverse Cosine
cg_acoshInverse Hyperbolic Cosine
cg_activeChange Active Graph
cg_add_parmsAdd Parameters
cg_adj_matAdjacency Matrix
cg_as_doubleCoerce to a Numeric Vector
cg_asinInverse Sine
cg_asinhInverse Hyperbolic Sine
cg_as_numericCoerce to a Numeric Vector
cg_atanInverse Tangent
cg_atanhInverse Hyperbolic Tangent
cg_colMeansColumn Means
cg_colSumsColumn Sums
cg_constAdd Constant
cg_coshHyperbolic Cosine
cg_crossprodMatrix Crossproduct
cg_default_libraryDefault Function Library
cg_expExponential Function
cg_get_parmsGet Parameters
cg_gradientsCalculate Gradients
cg_greater_equalGreater or Equal
cg_initializeComputational Graph
cg_inputAdd Input
cg_less_equalLess or Equal
cg_linearLinear Transformation
cg_lnNatural Logarithm
cg_log10Logarithmic Base 10
cg_log2Logarithm Base 2
cg_matmulMatrix Multiplication
cg_meanArithmetic Mean
cg_not_equalNot equal
cg_oprAdd Operation
cg_parmAdd Parameter
cg_pmaxParallel Maxima
cg_pminParallel Minima
cg_prodProduct of Vector Elements
cgraphComputational Graph
cg_reshapeReshape Array Dimensions
cg_rowMeansRow Means
cg_rowSumsRow Sums
cg_runEvaluate the Graph
cg_setChange the Value of a Node in the Graph
cg_sinhHyperbolic Sine
cg_sqrtSquare Root
cg_sumSum of Vector Elements
cg_tMatrix Transpose
cg_tanhHyperbolic Tangent
cg_tcrossprodTranspose Matrix Crossproduct
cg_valEvaluate a Node in the Graph
colMeans_gradColumn Means Gradient
colSums_gradColumn Sums Gradient
constAdd Constant
cos_gradCosine Gradient
cosh_gradHyperbolic Cosine Gradient
crossprod_grad_xMatrix Crossproduct Gradient
crossprod_grad_yMatrix Crossproduct Gradient
div_grad_xDivide Gradient
div_grad_yDivide Gradient
equal_grad_xEqual Gradient
equal_grad_yEqual Gradient
exp_gradExponential Gradient Function
gradientsCalculate Gradients
greater_equal_grad_xGreater or Equal Gradient
greater_equal_grad_yGreater or Equal Gradient
greater_grad_xGreater Gradient
greater_grad_yGreater Gradient
inputAdd Input
less_equal_grad_xLess or Equal Gradient
less_equal_grad_yLess or Equal Gradient
less_grad_xLess Gradient
less_grad_yLess Gradient
linearLinear Transformation
linear_grad_xLinear Transformation Gradient
linear_grad_yLinear Transformation Gradient
linear_grad_zLinear Transformation Gradient
ln_gradNatural Logarithm Gradient
log10_gradLogarithmic Base 10 Gradient
log2_gradLogarithmic Base 2 Gradient
matmul_grad_xMatrix Multiplication Gradient
matmul_grad_yMatrix Multiplication Gradient
max_gradMaxima Gradient
mean_gradArithmetic Mean Gradient
min_gradMinima Gradient
mul_grad_xMultiply Gradient
mul_grad_yMultiply Gradient
neg_gradNegative Gradient
not_equal_grad_xNot Equal Gradient
not_equal_grad_yNot Equal Gradient
not_gradNot Gradient
oprAdd Operation
parmAdd Parameter
pmax_grad_xParallel Maxima Gradient
pmax_grad_yParallel Maxima Gradient
pmin_grad_xParallel Minima Gradient
pmin_grad_yParallel Minima Gradient
pos_gradPositive Gradient
pow_grad_xPower Gradient
pow_grad_yPower Gradient
prod_gradProduct of Vector Elements Gradient
reshape_grad_dimReshape Array Dimensions Gradient
reshape_grad_xReshape Array Dimensions Gradient
rowMeans_gradRow Means Gradient
rowSums_gradRow Sums Gradient
runEvaluate the Graph
setChange the Value of a Node in the Graph
sigmoid_gradSigmoid Gradient
sin_gradSine Gradient
sinh_gradHyperbolic Sine Gradient
sqrt_gradSquare Root Gradient
sub_grad_xSubtract Gradient
sub_grad_ySubtract Gradient
sum_gradSum of Vector Elements Gradient
tan_gradTangent Gradient
tanh_gradHyperbolic Tangent Gradient
tcrossprod_grad_xTranspose Matrix Crossproduct Gradient
tcrossprod_grad_yTranspose Matrix Crossproduct Gradient
t_gradMatrix Transpose Gradient
valEvaluate a Node in the Graph
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