Man pages for triglian/asqr
Utilities for ASQ analysis

add_startdate_to_questions_for_sessionGet the questions for a specific session id
calc_connected_stateCalculates the connected state.
calc_focus_stateCalculates the focus state.
calc_idle_stateCalculates the idle state.
calc_input_stateCalculates the input state.
calc_mc_scoreCalculate the score for an answer of a multi-choice-question
calc_state_from_indicatorsCalculates the total state from state indicators.
calc_submittedonce_stateCalculates the submitted state.
calc_user_stateCalculate the user state from user events.
calc_user_state_for_usersCalculate user state for a bunch of users.
calc_visible_stateCalculates the visible state.
calc_y_min_max_for_ribbon_plotcalculate the y min y max for each group (by state)
create_time_datatableCreate an empty timeline
draw_activity_barstacked bar of user activity as total events
draw_activity_bar_by_userfaceted bar of user activity
draw_activity_bar_timestacked bar of user activity over time
draw_activity_bar_time_facetedstacked bar of user activity over time
draw_activity_linesline plot
draw_activity_pie_by_userfaceted pie of user activity
draw_activity_stacked_areastacked area plot
draw_activity_stacked_area_by_slideTODO: document
draw_activity_stacked_ribbon_by_slidestacked ribbon plot
draw_attention_focus_variationTODO: document
draw_connected_focus_areastacked area plot
extract_questions_from_slideshow_questions_fieldGet a vector with the oids of the questions from the JSON...
filter_data_for_sessionFilter data for a specific session.
find_slide_which_contains_questionGet the slide that contains a question with a specific id
fix_inconsistenciesFixes inconsistencies between states.
format_timeline_for_state_time_plottingPrepare state timeline data for stacked area plotting
get_mc_answers_with_score_for_questionsGet answers for the provided asq-multi-choice-questions and...
get_mc_questions_for_sessionGet the multi-choice questions for a specific session id
get_n_back_timeline_with_correctness_for_mcTODO: Document
get_n_non_exercise_slides_before_questionGets 'n' non exercise slide transitions before the...
get_questions_for_sessionGet the questions for a specific session id
get_state_labelsTODO: Document
group_by_state_timegroup by state and time
group_by_state_time_slidegroup by state. time and slide
group_by_timegroup by time
group_by_user_stategroup by user and state and add fields for pie charts
pad_timeline_with_0_count_statesTODO: document
pad_timeline_with_0_count_states_by_slideinsert an entry with zero count for each state for each...
parse_mc_optionsParse JSON stringified options from an asq-multi-choice-q...
prepare_data_for_state_plotsPrepare date for state plots.
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