Man pages for trinker/clustext
Consistent Clustering for Text Data

approx_kApproximate Number of Clusters for a Text Matrix
assign_clusterAssign Clusters to Documents/Text Elements
assignmentsTopic Assignments
as_topicConvert 'get_terms' to Topics
categorizeMerge Clusters & Cluster Categories Back to Original Data
clustextConsistent Clustering for Text Data
compareAdjusted Rand Index Comaprison Between Algorithms
cosine_distanceOptimized Computation of Cosine Distance
data_storeData Structure for 'hclusttext'
get_documentsGet Documents Based on Cluster Assignment in 'assign_cluster'
get_dtmGet a 'DocumentTermMatrix' Stored in a 'hierarchical_cluster'...
get_removedGet a Text Stored in a 'hierarchical_cluster' Object
get_termsGet Terms Based on Cluster Assignment in 'assign_cluster'
get_textGet a Text Stored in Various Objects
hierarchical_clusterFit a Hierarchical Cluster
jaccard_distanceOptimized Computation of Jaccard Distance
kmeans_clusterFit a Kmeans Cluster
nmf_clusterFit a Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Cluster
plot.hierarchical_clusterPlots a hierarchical_cluster Object
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.assign_clusterPrints an assign_cluster Object
print.as_topicPrints an as_topic Object
print.comparePrints a compare Object.
print.data_storePrints a data_store Object
print.get_documentsPrints a get_documents Object
print.get_termsPrints a get_terms Object
skmeans_clusterFit a skmean Cluster
summary.assign_clusterSummary of an assign_cluster Object
write_cluster_textWrite/Read Cluster Text for Human Categorization
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