Man pages for trinker/exampledata
Example Data for Teaching

bob_rossJoy of Painting Objects
bp_cyl_4Row Bind Practice: 4 Cylinders
bp_cyl_6Row Bind Practice: 6 Cylinders
bp_cyl_8Row Bind Practice: 8 Cylinders
breed_nameCross Tab of Top Breeds and Names from nyc_dogs Data Set
buffalo_snowHistoric Snowfall by Month for Buffalo
buffalo_snow_tidyTidy Version of Historic Snowfall by Month for Buffalo
carnegieSelect Variables from Carnegie Data Set
cerealCereal Nutrition
exampledataExample Data for Teaching
fake_sales_personA Fake Salesperson Data Set
full_carnegie_datThe Full, Raw Carnegie Data Set
full_college_scorecard_datThe Full, Raw College Score Card Data Set
jp_healthJoin Practice: Sex Based Health Info
jp_publishersJoin Practice: Publisher Info
jp_superheroesJoin Practice: Superhero Characters
lunchesNational School Lunch Program (NSLP)
nyc_dogsDogs of NYC Project
regionA Lookup Table of State Abbreviations and Regions
traffic_violationsMontgomery County Traffic Violations
weather_dataMontgomery County Weather Data
wegmansA Fake Wegmans Grocery
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