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Fast DocumentTermMatrix and TermDocumentMatrix Creation

as_dtmCoerce Various Object Into a...
filter_documentsRemove Documents Below a Threshold from a...
filter_tf_idfRemove Words Below a TF-IDF Threshold from a...
filter_wordsRemove Words Below a Threshold from a...
gofastrFast DocumentTermMatrix and TermDocumentMatrix Creation
partial_republican_debates_20152015 U.S. Partial Republican Primary Presidential Debates
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
q_dtmQuick DocumentTermMatrix
q_tdmQuick TermDocumentMatrix
remove_stopwordsRemove Stopwords from a TermDocumentMatrix/DocumentTermMatrix
select_documentsSelect Documents rom a TermDocumentMatrix/DocumentTermMatrix
sub_in_naRegex Sub to Missing
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