Man pages for trinker/hilight
Highight Text

ahPaste Wrappers - Preset Collapse
highlight_styleGenerate an HTML/CSS Style
highlight_templateGenerate an HTML Highlight Template
hilightHighight Text
insert_bodyInsert the Body Into a Template
mark_regexMark Words Containing Regex With Class for Highlighting
mark_sentencesMark Words Containing Regex With Class for Highlighting
mark_wordsMark Words With Class for Highlighting
mark_word_stemsMark Words Containing Stems With Class for Highlighting
open_htmlOpen an HTML File With Default Browser
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.highlight_stylePrints a highlight_style Object
sam_i_amSam I Am Text
split_sentencesSplit Sentences
tagWrapp Text With HTML Tags
template2htmlGenerate an HTML FIle from Finished Template
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