Man pages for trinker/pax
A Package Templating Package

annAdd Leading Symbol Annotations
arg_assignAssign Function Arguments for Easy Function Testing
arg_repReplicate Function Arguments and Separate with an Equal Sign
is.globalTest If Environment is Global
new_dataAdd and Document ('roxygen2' Style) Data
new_rGenerate 'roxygen2' Style R Files
new_r_testWrapper: 'new_r' + 'new_test'
new_testGenerate 'testthat' Style Test .R Files
new_vignetteAdd an 'rmarkdown' Template
pax'pax': A Gold Version Package Template
pax_options'pax' Options Template for '.Rprofile'
plocPackage File Path Location
print.arg_assignPrints an arg_assign Object
rox_dataGenerate 'roxygen2' Style Data Documentation
timerCrude Timing
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