Man pages for trinker/qdapTools
Tools for the 'qdap' Package

DeprecatedHash/Dictionary Lookup
hashHash/Dictionary Lookup
idID By Row Number or Sequence Along
list2dfList/Matrix/Vector to Dataframe/List/Matrix
loc_splitSplit Data Forms at Specified Locations
lookupHash Table/Dictionary Lookup 'lookup' - 'data.table' based...
lookup_eHash Table/Dictionary Lookup 'lookup_e' - Environment based...
mtabulateTabulate Frequency Counts for Multiple Vectors
padPad Strings
print.v_outerPrints a v_outer Object.
read_docxRead in .docx Content
repo2githubUpload a Local Repo to GitHub
run_splitSplit a String Into Run Chunks
shiftShift Vector Left/Right
split_vectorSplit a Vector By Split Points
start_endGet Location of Start/End Points
text2colorMap Words to Colors
timeconvConvert h:m:s To/From Seconds
url_dlDownload Instructional Documents
v_outerVectorized Version of outer
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