Man pages for trinker/tagger
Part of Speech Tagging

as_basicConvert Tags to Basic Tags
as_posExtract Parts of Speech or Tokens from a 'tag_pos' Object
as_tupleCombine Words + Tags Tuple
as_universalConvert Tags to Universal Tags
as_word_tagCombine Words + Tags
count_tagsCounts of Part of Speech Tags by Grouping Variable(s)
locate_tagsLocate Part of Speech Tags
penn_tagsPenn Treebank Parts of Tags
plot.count_tagsPlots a count_tags object
plot.tag_posPlots a tag_pos Object
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
presidential_debates_2012_posParts of Speech for 2012 U.S. Presidential Debates Dialogue
print.as_tuplePrints a as_tuple Object
print.count_tagsPrints a count_tags Object
print.tag_posPrints a tag_pos Object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sam_i_amSam I Am Text
select_tagsSelect Tags + Words From tag_pos Object
taggerPart of Speech Tagging
tag_posTag Text with Parts of Speech
tidy_posTidy Parts of Speech Object
universal_pos_mapMapping to Universal Tags
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