Man pages for trinker/textmod
Text Cleaning Tools

add_comma_spaceEnsure Space After Comma
add_missing_endmarkAdd Missing Endmarks
check_textCheck Text For Potential Problems
DATAFictitious Classroom Dialogue
drop_elementFilter Elements in a Vetor
drop_rowFilter Rows That Contain Markers
fgsubReplace a Regex with an Functional Operation on the Regex...
filter_elementRemove Elements in a Vetor
filter_rowRemove Rows That Contain Markers
has_endmarkTest for Incomplete Sentences
make_pluralMake Plural (or Verb to Singular) Versions of Words
match_tokensFind Tokens that Match a Regex
mgsubMultiple 'gsub'
print.check_textPrints a check_text Object
print.sub_holderPrints a sub_holder object
print.which_are_locsPrints a which_are_locs Object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
replace_contractionReplace Contractions
replace_dateReplace Dates With Words
replace_emailReplace Email Addresses
replace_emojiReplace Emojis With Words/Identifier
replace_emoticonReplace Emoticons With Words
replace_gradeReplace Grades With Words
replace_hashReplace Hashes
replace_htmlReplace HTML Markup
replace_incompleteDenote Incomplete End Marks With "|"
replace_internet_slangReplace Internet Slang
replace_kernReplace Kerned (Spaced) with No Space Version
replace_misspellingReplace Misspelled Words
replace_moneyReplace Money With Words
replace_namesReplace First/Last Names
replace_non_asciiReplace Common Non-ASCII Characters
replace_numberReplace Numbers With Text Representation
replace_ordinalReplace Mixed Ordinal Numbers With Text Representation
replace_ratingReplace Ratings With Words
replace_symbolReplace Symbols With Word Equivalents
replace_tagReplace Handle Tags
replace_timeReplace Time Stamps With Words
replace_toGrab Begin/End of String to/from Character
replace_tokensReplace Tokens
replace_urlReplace URLs
replace_whiteRemove Escaped Characters
replace_word_elongationReplace Word Elongations
stripStrip Text
sub_holderHold the Place of Characters Prior to Subbing
swapSwap Two Patterns Simultaneously
textcleanText Cleaning Tools
which_areDetect/Locate Potential Non-Normalized Text
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