Man pages for trnnick/TStools
Time Series Analysis Tools and Functions

abcABC analysis
abcxyzABC-XYZ visualisation
bias.coeffBias Coefficient Calculation
cmavCentred moving average
colWinsWinsorise per column
coxstuartCox-Stuart test
decompDecomposition of series
elmELM neural network.
elm.fastELM (fast) neural network.
elm.thiefELM network for THieF.
forecast.elmForecast using ELM neural network.
forecast.mlpForecast using MLP neural network.
forecast.thetaForecast using Theta method.
geomeanGeometric mean
get.opt.kOptimal temporal aggregation level
init.etsETS with preset initial values.
intervalsPrediction intervals
kdemodeMode estimation via KDE
lagmatrixCreate matrix with lead/lags of an input vector
lambdaseqLambda Sequence generator for LASSO estimation
leadtrailRemove leading/trailing zeros or NAs
linscaleApply minmax linear scaling to a vector
mlpMLP neural network.
mlp.thiefMLP network for THieF.
mreCalculate Root Error
mre.plotMean Root Error Bias Plot
mseastestSeasonal plots
nemenyiFriedman and Nemenyi tests
nzlengthNon-zero length
plot.abcPlot ABC/XYZ analysis.
plot.elmPlot ELM network.
plot.elm.fastPlot ELM (fast) network.
plot.forecast.netPlot neural network forecasts.
plot.mlpPlot MLP network.
plot.thetaPlot Theta method fit.
predict.elm.fastPredictions for ELM (fast) network.
referralsGP Referrals Made (All specialties)
regoptIdentify regression beta using different cost functions
residoutCreate a control chart of residuals and identify outliers
rowWinsWinsorise per row
seasdummyCreate seasonal dummy variables.
seasplotSeasonal plots
smooth.thiefSmooth models for THieF.
sowhatFunction returns the ultimate answer to any question
stlbootSTL/Loess bootstrapping
thetaTheta method
theta.thiefTheta method for THieF.
trendtestTest series for the presence of trend
xyzXYZ analysis
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