Man pages for truemoid/rgslib
R Interface to GSLIB/CCG Programs

addcoordRRun the CCG 'addcoord' Program to Create a Variogram Map.
add_coordsCreate Coordinates for GSLIB-style Grid file.
build_grid_defBuild a Grid Defintion from Stored Parameters
build_vario_par_listBuild a Variogram Calculation Parameter List from Stored...
create_gridPopulate a Data Fram Grid Representation Using a Grid...
create_gslib_griddefCreate a GSLIB Grid Definition from a Grid Data Frame.
declusRRun the GSLIB 'declus' Program to Decluster Sample Data.
get_column_indicesGet Vector of Specific Column Indices of from a Data Frame.
histpltsimRGenerate Histogram Data for Simulations
kt3dnRInterface to 'kt3dn' 3D Kriging Program.
mvario_parstringCreate GSLIB Parameter File Variogram Model String.
read_gslibImport GSLIB's simplified GeoEase data format to a data...
read_gslib_grid_varioImport GSLIB-Format Gridded Experimental Data to a Data...
read_gslib_headerGet Header from GSLIB Simplified GeoEase File
read_gslib_mvarioImport GSLIB Variogram Model Format Data to a Data Frame.
read_gslib_usgsimImport 'usgsim' regular output format and add coordinates.
rgslib_exampleGet path to external example data.
sample_grid_extractExtract Regulalarly Spaced Samples from a Grid
samples_2d2D Point Sample Data.
structure_typesMake Data Frame Containing Valid GSLIB Variogram Model...
ublkavgRScale Grid Size Up or Down Using 'ublkavg'.
unit_vectorCalculate Unit Vector Given Azimuth and Dip
unscoreRRun the CCG 'unscore' Program to Normal Score Transform...
usgsimRSimulation Using 'usgsim' Fortran Program from CCG.
varcalcRRun the CCG 'varcalc' Program to Calculate Experimental...
varmapRRun the CCG 'varmap' Program to Create a Variogram Map.
varmodelRRun the CCG 'varmodel' Program to Auto-Fit Variograms.
varsimRCalculated Variograms for Gridded Data
vl_lmcRRun the CCG 'vl_lmc' to Automatically Model Multivariate...
write_gslibExport a Data Frame to Simplified GeoEase Format Used by...
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