Man pages for tsahota/tidyproject
Project and Code Management

attach_code_libraryAttach code library
check_if_tidyprojectCheck if directory is a tidyproject
check_sessionCheck tidyproject for best practice compliance
code_libraryShow Code Library
code_library_pathDisplay code library search path
code_snapshot_filesGit commit of ctl files, SourceData and Scripts
commit_filecommit individual file(s)
copy_fileCopy file to project directory
copy_scriptCopy script to project directory
dependency_treeCreate a recursive dependency_tree of file names
do_testTesting interfact
get_github_code_libraryDownload code repositor from github
get_script_fieldGet field from a code file
info_scriptsList information about scripts
is_full_pathTest if full path
is_rstudioLogical flag for detecting if R session is on rstudio not
locate_fileLocate file from search path
ls_code_libraryList files in code library
ls_scriptsList scripts
make_local_barecreate local bare repository
make_projectCreate new_project
models_dirShortcut to Models directory
new_scriptCreate new R script
previewPreview code_library file
pull_repopull repository
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
Renvironment_infoMake R session record
replace_code_libraryReplaces code library
resetwdReset working directory to rstudio working directory
scripts_dirShortcut to Scripts directory
search_fieldSearch for files matching field values
search_keywordSearch for files matching key words
search_rawSearch for files matching raw text search
set_project_optsSet project options
setup_fileSetup files
short_pathshorten path name
snapshotGit commit of ctl files, SourceData and Scripts
system_cmdsystem/shell command wrapper
tidyprojectProject and code management
wait_forWait for statement to be true
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