Man pages for tsamsonov/grwat
Hydrograph separation and analysis

fill_gapsFill missing water discharge data using linear interpolation
get_variablesGet hydrograph parameters list
join_interimJoin ERA-INTERIM data to hydrological level series
kable_testsKable p-values table by coloring it using green-yellow-red...
mapMap reanalysis and basin data
plot_minmonthPlot histogram of minimum discharge month for two periods
plot_periodsPlot long-term changes of hydrograph variables for two...
plot_separationPlot hydrograph separation
plot_testsPlot change year density
plot_variablesPlot interannual parameters
process_basinsJoin reanalysis data based on geographic location and time
process_gaugeProcess gauge directory
read_interimRead ERA-INTERIM reanalysis NetCDF files with temperature and...
read_separationRead file with hydrograph separation
read_variablesRead file with hydrograph variables
report_basinsGenerate reports with detailed hydrograph analysis
report_gaugeGenerate report for the specified gauge folder
st_buffer_geoBuffer sf objects in geographic coordinates through conic...
test_variablesRun various tests on interannual characteristics. Required...
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