Man pages for tudo-r/BatchJobs
Batch Computing with R

addRegistryPackagesAdd packages to registry.
addRegistrySourceDirsAdd source dirs to registry.
addRegistrySourceFilesAdd source files to registry.
applyJobFunctionapplyJobFunction ONLY FOR INTERNAL USAGE.
batchExpandGridMap function over all combinations.
batchExportExport R object to be available on the slaves.
BatchJobsThe BatchJobs package
batchMapMaps a function over lists or vectors, adding jobs to a...
batchMapQuickCombination of makeRegistry, batchMap and submitJobs.
batchMapResultsMaps a function over the results of a registry by using...
batchQueryManually query the BatchJobs database
batchReduceReduces via a binary function over a list adding jobs to a...
batchReduceResultsReduces results via a binary function and adds jobs for this...
batchUnexportUnload exported R objects.
callFunctionOnSSHWorkersCall an arbitrary function on specified SSH workers.
cfBrewTemplateCluster functions helper: Brew your template into a job...
cfHandleUnknownSubmitErrorCluster functions helper: Handle an unknown error during job...
cfKillBatchJobCluster functions helper: Kill a batch job via OS command
cfReadBrewTemplateCluster functions helper: Read in your brew template file.
checkIdsCheck job ids.
configurationBatchJobs configuration.
debugMulticoreHelper function to debug multicore mode.
debugSSHHelper function to debug SSH mode.
filterResultsFind all results where a specific condition is true.
findJobsFinds ids of jobs that match a query.
findStateFind jobs depending on computional state.
getConfigReturns a list of BatchJobs configuration settings
getErrorMessagesGet error messages of jobs.
getJobGet job from registry by id.
getJobIdsGet ids of jobs in registry.
getJobInfoGet computational information of jobs.
getJobLocationGet the physical location of job files on the hard disk.
getJobNrGet number of jobs in registry.
getJobParamDfRetrieve Job Parameters.
getJobResourcesFunction to get the resources that were submitted for some...
getJobsGet jobs from registry by id.
getLogFilesGet log file paths for jobs.
getResourcesFunction to get job resources in job function.
getSSHWorkersInfoPrint and return R installation and other information for SSH...
grepLogsGrep log files for a pattern.
installPackagesOnSSHWorkersInstall packages on SSH workers.
killJobsKill some jobs on the batch system.
loadConfigLoad a specific configuration file.
loadExportsLoad exported R data objects.
loadRegistryLoad a previously saved registry.
loadResultLoads a specific result file.
loadResultsLoads result files for id vector.
makeClusterFunctionsCreate a ClusterFuntions object.
makeClusterFunctionsInteractiveCreate cluster functions for sequential execution in same...
makeClusterFunctionsLocalCreate cluster functions for sequential execution on local...
makeClusterFunctionsLSFCreate cluster functions for LSF systems.
makeClusterFunctionsMulticoreUse multiple cores on local Linux machine to spawn parallel...
makeClusterFunctionsOpenLavaCreate cluster functions for OpenLava systems.
makeClusterFunctionsSGECreate cluster functions for Sun Grid Engine systems.
makeClusterFunctionsSLURMCreate cluster functions for SLURM-based systems.
makeClusterFunctionsSSHCreate an SSH cluster to execute jobs.
makeClusterFunctionsTorqueCreate cluster functions for torque-based systems.
makeJobCreates a job description.
makeRegistryConstruct a registry object.
makeSSHWorkerCreate SSH worker for SSH cluster functions.
makeSubmitJobResultCreate a SubmitJobResult object.
reduceResultsReduce results from result directory.
removeRegistryRemove a registry object.
removeRegistryPackagesRemove packages from registry.
removeRegistrySourceDirsRemove packages from registry.
removeRegistrySourceFilesRemove source files from registry.
resetJobsReset computational state of jobs.
sanitizePathSanitize a path
setConfigSet and overwrite configuration settings
setJobFunctionSets the job function for already existing jobs.
setJobNamesSet job names.
setRegistryPackagesSet packages for a registry.
showClusterStatusShow information about available computational resources on...
showLogDisplay the contents of a log file.
showStatusRetrieve or show status information about jobs.
sourceRegistryFilesSource registry files
submitJobsSubmit jobs or chunks of jobs to batch system via cluster...
sweepRegistrySweep obsolete files from the file system.
syncRegistrySyncronize staged queries into the registry.
testJobTests a job by running it with Rscript in a new process.
waitForJobsWait for termination of jobs on the batch system.
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