Man pages for tunelipt/tecutils
Tecplot utilities

addRadiusCalculate distance from points.
applyInterpInterpolate a mesh.
interpolateZoneReturn interpolation coefficients for quadrilateral.
interpPointsSets up interpolation structures for a mesh.
parseHeaderParses tecplot header.
parseZHeaderParse a zone header.
plotZonePlots a 2D tecplot structured zone.
pnpolyDetermine if point is inside a polygon.
pointInZoneDetermine if point is inside a grid.
polygonIndexFind the index of a quadrilateral inside a structured zone.
readTecFilesReads a list of tecplot files.
readTecplotReads a tecplot structured grid file .
readTecplot1Reads a tecplot file with a single zone.
repeatTecZRepeats a 3D field along z direction.
searchZonesFind where a point is in a mesh of zones.
tecplot2dTo3dExtends a tecplot element from 2D to 3D.
transfTecReturns a list of variables from a tecplot zone.
writeTecplotWrite a tecplot structured mesh to a file.
zoneCoordsReturns zone coordinate array.
zonePolygonReturn the quadrilateral corresponding to an index.
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