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Estimates Social Security Benefits

getAimeSetIndexed earnings are FICA earnings that have been adjusted...
getAimeValueIndexed earnings are FICA earnings that have been adjusted...
getAwiSetReturn the _National Average Wage Index_ data set.
getAwiValuesReturn the _National Average Wage Index_ values for input...
getBenefitBasesSetReturn the _Benefit Bases_ data set.
getBenefitBaseValuesReturn the _Benefit Bases_ values for input years.
getColaSetReturn the _Cost of Living Adjustment_ data set.
getCpiwSetReturn the _Comsumer Price Wage Index_ data set.
getFamilyMaxThe Family Maximum Benefit is the maximum Social Security...
getFicaEarningsReturn _FICA_ earnings data.
getFraSetReturn the _Full Retirement Age_ data set
getFraValuesReturn the _Full Retirement Age_ values for input years.
getMaxPiaBendPtsReturn the maximum family benefit _Primary Insurance Amount...
getMedicareEarningsReturn the _Medicare_ earnings data set.
getPiaThe Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) is the actual Social...
getPiaAdjustmentsReturn the _Primary Insurance Amount Adjustments_ for a birth...
getPiaAdjustmentsSetReturn the _Primary Insurance Amount Adjustments_ data set.
getPiaBendPtsReturn the _Primary Insurance Amount Bend Points_ for a year.
getPiaBendPtsSetReturn the _Primary Insurance Amount Bend Points_ data set.
getPIADataReturn estimates individual's retirement benefits.
getRetirementDataReturn a individual's retirement vitals.
readStatementReturn Social Security information from an XML file.
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