Man pages for twolodzko/lolplyr
Adapting dplyr for lists-of-lists

as_lolConvert data.frame or matrix to list-of-lists or...
check_cond_andEvaluate logical predicates for each element of the list
filter_andReturn entries with matching conditions
group_by.listGroup by one or more variables
hash_byCalculate hashes for elements of a list
inner_join.listJoin two lists together
is_simple_listCheck for being a list, or a vector
is_thereCheck if object exists
list_variablesList and count all the variables in lists within list
mutate_elemAdd new variables
nulls_to_nasFunctions for dealing with NULL elements of a list
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rep_listReplicate element and output a list
select_listSelect/rename variables by name
summarise.listReduces multiple values down to a single value
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