Man pages for twolodzko/twextras

add.alphaAdd an alpha channel to a color
bayesDensityBayesian kernel density estimation
binom_nEstimation of binomial parameters when both n, p are unknown
binsBuild a histogram
cdfplotEmpirical cumulative distribution function
ciplotPlot confidence intervals
clearTextClean strings from any non-ASCII characters, extra spaces...
coalesceTake the first non-missing value rowwise
codesPrint factor labels
cumsdCumulative means, variances, standard deviations
cumSumCumulative sum, product and mean
customPredictCreate a custom predict function
diagnplot4-Plot diagnostic plots
drop_naDrop rows with missing values
errCommon error metrics
errbarAdd error bars to the plot
ewmaExponentially weighted moving average
fill.densityFill-in the density plot
fill_naFill missing values with predefined constant
firstReturn first or last value
gg_color_hueReturn ggplot2-like colors vector
grapes-ni-grapesMissing 'not in' function
hdrCalculate Highest Density Interval from vector of...
hsmodeHalf-sample mode
is.DateCheck if object is of Date class
is.installedCheck if packages are installed
is.intCheck if number is integer or a real number
is.simple.vectorCheck for being THE vector
list-methodsSum, mean, var and sd functions for lists of objects
lm.simpleRegression Slope by a Simple Comparison of Average Values in...
loeLoess for a single variable
lossWeighted loss functions
mgrepSearch strings for multiple patterns
min_colRowwise finding the column with greatest value
ModeEstimate mode of discrete or continous data
mtxrankMatrix rank
multiCVCross-validation for multiple models
normalizeNormalize, squash and standarize data
nth_maxPick n greatest or smallest values from the vector
olinesAdd (Sorted) Connected Line Segments to a Plot
optimLmUse optimization to estimate generalized linear models with...
plotManyBoxplots for many variables
polyshapeDraw polygon shape
PRESSReport PRESS statistic for lm object
readMultilineRead multiline text files
read_tableRead and write .csv, .tsv and .dsv files
recodeRecode a vector
rep_alongReplicate Elements of Vectors
rle2Improved Run Length Encoding
robust.t.testRobustified Student's t-Test
rollmeanRolling mean
roundByRound numbers by a specyfic value
rstickSample from stick-breaking process
shorthShortest half
slicesDisplay slices of the object
spacePrint numbers with digits groups separated by spaces
starStar plot
summary_plotsPlots summarising whole data frame
symplotSymmetry plots
theme_emptyBlank theme for ggplot2
trapezoidTrapezoidal rule for approximating the definite integral
trunVecTruncate a vector to a given range
tryElseTry an Expression Otherwise Return a Value
twohistTwo histograms and one plot
uniqueWordsRemove duplicated words from a string
weighted.medianWeighted median
windsorizeWindsorize data
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