Man pages for txm676/sars
Fit and Compare Species-Area Relationship Models Using Multimodel Inference

aegeanA SAR dataset describing invertebrates on islands in the...
colemanFit Coleman's Random Placement Model
cole_simA simulated species-site abundance matrix with site areas
display_sars_modelsDisplay the model information table
galapA SAR dataset describing the plants of the Galapagos Islands
gdmFit the General Dynamic Model of Island Biogeography
lin_powFit the log-log version of the power model
nieringA SAR dataset describing the plants of the Kapingamarangi...
plot.colemanPlot Model Fits for a 'coleman' Object
plot.multiPlot Model Fits for a 'multi' Object
plot.sarsPlot Model Fits for a 'sars' Object
sar_asympFit the Asymptotic regression model
sar_averageFit a multimodel averaged SAR curve
sar_betapFit the Beta-P cumulative model
sar_chapmanFit the Chapman Richards model
sar_epm1Fit the Extended Power model 1 model
sar_epm2Fit the Extended Power model 2 model
sar_gompertzFit the Gompertz model
sar_helegFit the Heleg(Logistic) model
sar_kobaFit the Kobayashi model
sar_linearFit the linear model
sar_logaFit the Logarithmic model
sar_mmfFit the MMF model
sar_monodFit the Monod model
sar_multiCreate a Collection of SAR Model Fits
sar_negexpoFit the Negative exponential model
sar_p1Fit the Persistence function 1 model
sar_p2Fit the Persistence function 2 model
sar_powerFit the Power model
sar_powerRFit the PowerR model
sar_predUse SAR model fits to predict richness on islands of a given...
sar_ratioFit the Rational function model
sars_modelsDisplay the 20 SAR model names
sars-packagesars: Fit and compare species-area relationship models using...
sar_weibull3Fit the Cumulative Weibull 3 par. model
sar_weibull4Fit the Cumulative Weibull 4 par. model
summary.sarsSummarising the results of the model fitting functions
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