Man pages for txm676/sars
Fit and Compare Species-Area Relationship Models Using Multimodel Inference

aegeanA SAR dataset describing invertebrates on islands in the...
aegean2A SAR dataset describing plants on islands in the Aegean Sea,...
colemanFit Coleman's Random Placement Model
cole_simA simulated species-site abundance matrix with site areas
display_sars_modelsDisplay the model information table
galapA SAR dataset describing the plants of the Galapagos Islands
gdmFit the General Dynamic Model of Island Biogeography
get_coefCalculate the intercepts and slopes of the different segments
lin_powFit the log-log version of the power model
nieringA SAR dataset describing the plants of the Kapingamarangi...
plot.colemanPlot Model Fits for a 'coleman' Object
plot.multiPlot Model Fits for a 'multi' Object
plot.sarsPlot Model Fits for a 'sars' Object
plot.thresholdPlot Model Fits for a 'threshold' Object
sar_asympFit the Asymptotic regression model
sar_averageFit a multimodel averaged SAR curve
sar_betapFit the Beta-P cumulative model
sar_chapmanFit the Chapman Richards model
sar_epm1Fit the Extended Power model 1 model
sar_epm2Fit the Extended Power model 2 model
sar_gompertzFit the Gompertz model
sar_helegFit the Heleg(Logistic) model
sar_kobaFit the Kobayashi model
sar_linearFit the linear model
sar_logaFit the Logarithmic model
sar_mmfFit the MMF model
sar_monodFit the Monod model
sar_multiCreate a Collection of SAR Model Fits
sar_negexpoFit the Negative exponential model
sar_p1Fit the Persistence function 1 model
sar_p2Fit the Persistence function 2 model
sar_powerFit the Power model
sar_powerRFit the PowerR model
sar_predUse SAR model fits to predict richness on islands of a given...
sar_ratioFit the Rational function model
sars_modelsDisplay the 20 SAR model names
sars-packagesars: Fit and compare species-area relationship models using...
sar_thresholdFit threshold SAR models
sar_weibull3Fit the Cumulative Weibull 3 par. model
sar_weibull4Fit the Cumulative Weibull 4 par. model
summary.sarsSummarising the results of the model fitting functions
threshold_ciCalculate confidence intervals around breakpoints
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