Man pages for tz-lom/Resonance-Rproj
Interface for Resonance project

cross.cutByEventCut input by event marks, return 'channels' as result of...
cross.epochByEventFilters data stream cutting marked blocks
cross.mergeChannelsMerge several similar channels in one
cross.syncByTimestampPerform synchronization of two streams using RTC timestamps
cross.windowizeByEventsSplit data stream to windows using event stream
n.cross.windowizeByEventsSplit data stream to windows using event stream
pipe.applyFilterApplyes filter to channels signal
pipe.bandFilterSimple filter pipe that applies high-pass, low-pass and notch...
pipe.eventsEqualsTransforms events to boolean By rule event == match
pipe.FFTFilterExtracts powers of frequencies in specified channels
pipelineCombine pipes to chain, returns it's output
pipe.spectrogramExtracts spectrograms for windows
processorWraps all necessary handlers to pipeline function
Resonance-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
signalPreparationTypical signal preprocessing for EEG
source.channelsWraps raw data stream to use withing pipelinenig functions
source.eventsCreate event stream
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