Man pages for tzerk/ESR
Package for Electron Spin Resonance Dating Data Analysis

app_ESRRun ESR shiny apps
as.ESR.SpectrumCoercion from and to ESR.Spectrum
calc_DePlateauFit a dose response curve to ESR data and create a DE-DEmax...
ESRESR class objects
ESR-packageCollection of functions for Electron Spin Resonance Dating...
ESR.SpectrumESR.Spectrum class objects
ESR.Spectrum.2DESR.Spectrum.2D class objects
ExampleData.DeSynthetic ESR equivalent dose data set
ExampleData.ESRspectraESR spectra of a mollusc and the dpph standard
find_PeaksA simple peak finding algorithm for ESR spectra
fit_DRCFit and plot a dose response curve for ESR data (ESR...
le_toucanLe Toucan has arrived
plot_DRCPlot a dose response curve
plot_SpectrumPlot ESR spectra and peak finding
read_SpectrumRead in single or multiple ESR spectra
write_SpectrumWrite spectrum files to disk
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