Man pages for ukgovdatascience/orgsurveyr
Visualising and Analysing Organisation Data As Tidy Networks

calc_summary_dfCalculate summary metrics on an organisation
check_df_formatChecks the format of a data frame
check_tbl_graph_is_orgCheck tbl_graph is an organisation
create_realistic_orgCreate a realistic organisation
create_regular_orgCreate a symmetrical organisation
generate_cumulative_mappingGenerate Cumulative Mapping
get_df_formatDetermine format of data frame
make_shiny_appCreate an example shiny app
orgsurveyr-data-formatsData formats used in the orgsurveyr package
orgsurveyr-packageAnalyise and visualise organisation data
orgvizOrgviz shiny app
orgviz_serverOrgviz shiny server
orgviz_uiOrgviz shiny UI
plot_orgSimple organisation plot
simulate_individuals_dfSimulate individuals data frame
simulate_unit_sizeSimulate unit sizes for an organisation
test_vizTestviz shiny app
test_viz_serverTestviz shiny server
test_viz_uiTestviz shiny UI
tg_orgExample organisation tbl_graph object
tg_org_indiv_dfExample indiv_df data frame
tg_org_indiv_minimal_dfExample minimal indiv_df data frame
tg_org_indiv_tall_dfExample indiv_tall_df data frame
tg_org_summarised_dfExample org_tall_df data frame
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