Man pages for unDocUMeantIt/sylly
Hyphenation and Syllable Counting for Text Analysis

available.sylly.langList available language packages
correct-methodsCorrect kRp.hyphen objects
get.sylly.envGet sylly session settings
hyphen-methodsAutomatic hyphenation
install.sylly.langInstall language support packages
kRp.hyphen-classS4 Class kRp.hyphen
kRp.hyphen-methodsGetter/setter methods for sylly objects
kRp.hyph.pat-classS4 Class kRp.hyph.pat
manage.hyph.patHandling hyphenation pattern objects
read.hyph.patReading patgen-compatible hyphenation pattern files
set.hyph.supportAdd support for new languages
set.sylly.envA function to set information on your sylly environment
show-methodsShow method for sylly objects
summary-methodsSummary method for sylly objects
sylly-packageHyphenation and Syllable Counting for Text Analysis
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