Man pages for uribo/jpmesh
Utilities for Japanese Mesh Code

administration_meshExtract administration mesh
coarse_gatherGather more coarse mesh
converterMesh unit converter
coords_to_meshConvert from coordinate to mesh code
cut_offCutoff mesh of outside the area
eval_jp_boundaryCheck include mesh areas
export_meshExport meshcode to geometry
export_meshesExport meshcode to geometry
fine_separateSeparate more fine mesh order
is_meshPredict meshcode format and positions
jpnrectSimple displaed as rectangel for Japan (fortified)
meshcode_setExport meshcode vectors ranges 80km to 1km.
mesh_sizeIdentifer to mesh size
mesh_to_coordsGet from mesh code to latitude and longitude
mesh_viewerinteractive meshcode check
neighbor_meshFind out neighborhood meshes collection
pipePipe operator
rmeshGenerate random sample meshcode
sf_jpmesh1:200,000 Scale Maps Name with Meshcode of Japan.
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