Man pages for utacorpora/depsearcheR
Analyze Conll Annotated Data in R

ApplyConllFilterApplies a user-defined filter to a set of sentences
ApplyConllFilter_dfApplies a filter to a data frame
ConllAsSentenceReturns a human readable representation of the sentence
ConllAsTibbleMakes a tibble of the raw conll string provided. Assumes one...
ContainsDepRelChecks if a sentence contains a case where a is governed by b
FilterConllRowsFilters a tibble representing a sentence and returns matches
GetDepsGets the dependents of a word / words
GetHeadsGets the head of a word / words
GetSentencesFromFileA convenience function for getting a vector of sentences
gospel_of_john_sentencesAnother sample vector of sentences
ucl_refA sample data frame conaining syntactically annotated tweets
varpunen_sentencesA sample vector of sentences
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