Man pages for vbfelix/relper
Miscellaneous Functions for Data Preparation, Cleaning, and Visualization

as_numCoerce character to numeric
as_percTransform value to percentage
calc_acfAuto-correlation computation
calc_associationCompute association coefficents
calc_aucArea under the curve computation
calc_combinationCombination/Permutation computation
calc_correlationCorrelation coefficents computation
calc_cvCoefficient of variation computation
calc_errorError metrics computation
calc_kurtosisKurtosis computation
calc_meanMean computation
calc_modalityModality computation
calc_modeMode computation
calc_peak_densityPeak density value computation
calc_skewnessSkewness computation
cut_by_quantileConvert numeric vector to factor, using quantiles intervals
dttm_diffDifference between two dates
dttm_varsCreate auxiliar variables for a date variable
expand_grid_uniqueAll combinations of inputs without repetitions
format_digitFormat value to complete with zeroes to the left
format_numFormat numeric value to add marks
format_p_valueFormat p value
format_scaleRescale data
is_blankConditional check for a blank value
is_dateConditional check for a date variable
is_datetimeConditional check for a datetime variable
is_evenConditional check for an even value
is_integerConditional check for an integer value
is_negativeConditional check for a negative value
isnot_inConditional check if a value is not contained in a vector
isnot_naConditional check if a value is not a NA
is_oddConditional check for an odd value
is_outlierConditional check for an outlier value
is_positiveConditional check for a positive value
is_stringConditional check for an string value
is_weekendConditional check if a date is a weekend
obj_to_stringReturn an object name as a string
pal_divPalettes for divergent scale
pal_quaPalettes for qualitative scale
pal_seqPalettes for sequential scale
pal_twoPalettes with two constrast colors
pipePipe operator
plt_flip_y_titleggplot2: Flip y axis title
plt_identity_lineggplot2: Add a identity line to a scatter plot
plt_no_backgroundggplot2: Apply a transparent background.
plt_no_gridggplot2: Removal of grid
plt_no_labelsggplot2: Removal of all labels
plt_no_textggplot2: Removal of all text and ticks from both axis
plt_pinpointggplot2: Add a single point with two lines in a ggplot2
plt_regression_lineggplot2: Add a regression line to a scatter plot
plt_scale_autoggplot2: Add an automatic scale to a plot
plt_scale_y_mirrorggplot2: Mirror the y axis on the right side
plt_theme_mapggplot2: A clean black and white theme for maps
plt_theme_xggplot2: A black and white theme without major grid lines in...
plt_theme_xyggplot2: A black and white theme without minor grid lines
plt_theme_yggplot2: A black and white theme without major grid lines in...
plt_water_markggplot2: Application of a watermark
row_number_uniqueCreate a rank given unique values from a variable
rpearsonGenerate two variables linear correlated
stat_missing_valuesCalculate the percentage of missing values
stat_normalityTest the normality of a numeric variable
stat_two_catSummary table for comparative analysis between two...
stat_two_numSummary table for comparative analysis between two numeric...
str_cleanRemove punctuation and/or accent from a string
str_extract_charExtract a specific character from a string
str_keepKeep only a type of characters in a string
str_selectSelect parts of a string, given patterns
str_to_abbConvert case of a string, without impacting abbreviations
summary_catSummary of categorical variables
summary_numSummary of a numeric variable
summary_seqSummary of sequence of values
summary_xySummary of two numeric variables
vfx_watermarkWatermark example
vfx_watermark_whiteWatermark example
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