Man pages for vbonhomme/Modown
A Minimalist Syntax for Morphometrics Data

convertConvert to mod from a single shape
convert_CooConvert to mod a whole Coo Momocs' object
convert_Coo1Convert to mod from a single shape from Coo Momocs' object
groupGroup coo and cov from a list
inspectInspect mod file for possible problems
read_modread multiple mod
read_mod1Read a single mod
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
translate_LdkTranslate mod to Momocs' Ldk
translate_OpnTranslate mod to Momocs' Opn
translate_OutTranslate mod to Momocs' Out
writeWrite to single mod file from a shape
write_CooWrite to a single or separate mod file a whole Coo Momocs'...
write_Coo1Write to a single mod file a single shape from a Coo Momocs'...
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