Man pages for vh-d/odbc32
32-bit ODBC drivers for 64-bit R sessions

close.odbc32Closes odbc32 connection
connectStart a new R session with a running r2r server
data2accesswriting data into MS Access via 32bit R session script
dot-append_conAppend a (new) connection to a global list of connections
odbc32-packageodbc32: 32-bit ODBC drivers for 64-bit R sessions
odbcCloseclose odbc32 connection
odbcConnectestablish ODBC connection defined by DSN name
odbcConnectAccess2007Connect to an Access 2007 database
odbcDataSourceslist data sources
odbcDriverConnectestablish ODBC connection based on a connection string
odbcEndTranclear/empty a db table
print.odbc32print method for odbc32
remote_access_queryQuery over remote connection
sqlClearclear/empty a db table
sqlDropdrop a db table
sqlFetchfetch db table
sqlQuerysend query to a db and get results
sqlSaveupload table to a db
sqlTableslist tables in DB
sqlUpdateupdate db table
start_server_access2007Start r2r server connected to an Access database over 32-bit...
stop_serverStop r2r server running on a remote R session
write_access_dbexport data from Rdata file into MS Access db via separate...
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