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R client support for OrderlyWeb

The R package orderly has a web interface called OrderlyWeb; this package provides support for orderly to interact with OrderlyWeb in order to download reports from a remote server and run them remotely


For end-to-end testing, we need a copy of orderlyweb running. This is most easily set up using the provided configuration (inst/config) and running orderly-web start inst/config before running the tests. The test suite will make changes within the configuration and will rely on the existance of particular reports.

To install orderly-web (the command line tool) use pip3 install orderly-web

A token is also needed to login with github; that can be found in the vimc vault as secret/vimc-robot/vault-token and should be available as the environment variable ORDERLYWEB_TEST_TOKEN (this is available on travis as an encrypted environment variable).

To stop the server, use orderly-web stop inst/config --volumes --kill


# install.packages("drat")


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