Man pages for vobencha/curatedMetagenomicData
Curated Metagenomic Data of the Human Microbiome

AsnicarF_2017Data from the AsnicarF_2017 study
Bengtsson-PalmeJ_2015Data from the Bengtsson-PalmeJ_2015 study
BritoIL_2016Data from the BritoIL_2016 study
Castro-NallarE_2015Data from the Castro-NallarE_2015 study
ChngKR_2016Data from the ChngKR_2016 study
cmdValidVersionsGet valid data versions
combined_metadataCombined metadata of all studies in curatedMetagenomicData
curatedMetagenomicDataCurated Metagenomic Data of the Human Microbiome
DavidLA_2015Data from the DavidLA_2015 study
defunctDefunct functions in package 'curatedMetagenomicData'
ExpressionSet2MRexperimentConvert an ExpressionSet object to a...
ExpressionSet2phyloseqConvert an ExpressionSet object to a phyloseq object
FengQ_2015Data from the FengQ_2015 study
getMetaphlanTreeTitle Return a phylogenetic tree for MetaPhlAn2 bugs
HanniganGD_2017Data from the HanniganGD_2017 study
Heitz-BuschartA_2016Data from the Heitz-BuschartA_2016 study
HMP_2012Data from the HMP_2012 study
KarlssonFH_2013Data from the KarlssonFH_2013 study
KosticAD_2015Data from the KosticAD_2015 study
LeChatelierE_2013Data from the LeChatelierE_2013 study
LiJ_2014Data from the LiJ_2014 study
LiJ_2017Data from the LiJ_2017 study
LiSS_2016Data from the LiSS_2016 study
LiuW_2016Data from the LiuW_2016 study
LomanNJ_2013Data from the LomanNJ_2013 study
LoombaR_2017Data from the LoombaR_2017 study
LouisS_2016Data from the LouisS_2016 study
mergeDataTitle Merge a list of curatedMetagenomicData datasets
NielsenHB_2014Data from the NielsenHB_2014 study
Obregon-TitoAJ_2015Data from the Obregon-TitoAJ_2015 study
OhJ_2014Data from the OhJ_2014 study
OlmMR_2017Data from the OlmMR_2017 study
PasolliE_2018Data from the PasolliE_2018 study
QinJ_2012Data from the QinJ_2012 study
QinN_2014Data from the QinN_2014 study
RampelliS_2015Data from the RampelliS_2015 study
RaymondF_2016Data from the RaymondF_2016 study
SchirmerM_2016Data from the SchirmerM_2016 study
ShiB_2015Data from the ShiB_2015 study
SmitsSA_2017Data from the SmitsSA_2017 study
TettAJ_2016Data from the TettAJ_2016 study
ThomasAM_2018aData from the ThomasAM_2018a study
VatanenT_2016Data from the VatanenT_2016 study
VincentC_2016Data from the VincentC_2016 study
VogtmannE_2016Data from the VogtmannE_2016 study
WenC_2017Data from the WenC_2017 study
XieH_2016Data from the XieH_2016 study
YuJ_2015Data from the YuJ_2015 study
ZellerG_2014Data from the ZellerG_2014 study
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