Man pages for voltek62/RsparkleR
RsparkleR provides an R interface for launching virtual machines and deploying Sparkler

as.containerCoerce an object into a container object.
cat0if argument is NULL, no line output
cli_toolsSee if ssh or scp is installed From...
cloud_sshRemotely execute ssh code, upload & download files.
cloud_ssh_addkeysAdd SSH details to a cloud_instance
container_logsRetrieve logs for a container.
container_rmDelete a container.
container_runningReport whether a container is currently running.
containersGet list of all containers on a host.
container_update_infoUpdate the information about a container.
create_dockerCreate an Instance with Docker
create_instanceCreate new Instance
create_keyCreate SSH Key
create_projectCreate Cloud Project
delete_instanceDelete an instance
docker_buildBuild image on an instance from a local Dockerfile
docker_cmdRun a docker command on a host.
docker_cmd.ovh_instanceDocker S3 method for use with harbor package
docker_inspectInspect one or more containers, given name(s) or ID(s).
docker_pullPull a docker image onto a host.
docker_runRun a command in a new container on a host.
error.messageGet the error message
get_docker_fileShow the docker template files
get_flavorsGet Flavors
get_imagesGet Images
get_intanceGet instance Detail from a specific project
get_intancesGet instances from a specific project
get_keysGet SSH Keys
get_project_infoGet Project Info
get_projectsGet Projects
get_sparkler_fileShow the sparkler-config template files
import_ovhLightweight wrapper around OVH's APIs. Handles all the hard...
InstanceInstance Object
is.errorIs this a try error?
is.NullObA helper function that tests whether an object is either NULL...
load_clientCreate a client using configuration
localhostAn object representing the current computer that R is running...
myAPIErrorCustom message API error
myMessageCustom message log level
rmNullObsRecursively step down into list, removing all such objects
sparkler.checkCheck State
sparkler.crawlLaunch a crawl
sparkler.createCreate an Instance with Sparkler Solr CSV
sparkler.startStart a docker with Sparkler
sparkler.stopShutdown Solr and remove the container
timestamp_to_rTimestamp to R date
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