Man pages for voltek62/writingAssistantR
Create easily your premium guide with R. A Premium Guide is the list of the most important words of your content targeting a specific query.

checkGuideCheck a guide
checkStatusSends back an empty ok json
countExpressioncount each expression in a text
createGuideCreate a guide
createTokenRequests a token for API usage
extractTextUtil Function for extracting text from URL
getGuideGet a guide
getMetamotList a given metamot batch
getStatusGet account status (number of tokens spent, remaining tokens,...
initAPIPrepare Token for API calls
listCrawllist Crawls
listLexiesList the lexies of all expressions of a metamot batch
listMetamotslist Metamots
listSimulatedLexiesList the lexies and optimum occurence count for an expression...
unAccentRemove all accents from text
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