Man pages for voteview/Rvoteview
Voteview Data in R

build_votelistInternal function to get rollcalls and build voteview list
complete_downloadComplete rollcall download if it was interrupted
download_metadataDownload the metadata found on the VoteView Data page for...
grapes-plus-grapesFull outer join of two rollcall objects
jlist2dfTransform vector of lists to data frame (DEPRECATED)
lpOpinionAverage public opinion on gay rights (1999-2008)
melt_rollcallMelt rollcall object to long rollcall data frame
member_searchQuery the Voteview Database for Members
statesData of state codes and names
votelist2voteviewInternal function to build a voteview object from downloaded...
voteview2rollcallInternal function that transforms Voteview object to a...
voteview_downloadDownload rollcalls as a rollcall object
voteview_getvoteInternal function to retrieve roll call json
voteview_searchQuery the Voteview Database for Roll Calls
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